January • Monthly Mix

Christa Fontaine - The Integrated Alchemist | Sublimity Playlist - January 2019

First Playlist of the year and it’s a BIG one. 80 Tracks?!

Damn, It’s 2019, Fam.

This month's theme: Sovereignty. You are your own master. You abide by your own rules, you can make and break them as you choose, and adapt them as you go. The month, date, and year has nothing to do with the life that you’re going to create for yourself, only you can do that. Boss up! Enjoy it, be well, drop the stress, embrace the love, and take a stand in who you are and the choices you make.

Best paired with: I mean, there are a lot of things I can think of doing to 80 different jams, can’t you? Enjoy those wintery nights in with loved ones, get cozy with your journal or a book, lay on the floor with your legs up the wall, or just about anything at all.

Why not consider: Going for a winter wonderland stroll in the neighbourhood.
Layers on, sound UP.

My hope for you while listening: That you feel comfortable in your own skin, and easy in your bones. When the rhythms hits you just right, let your body respond without restriction.

Let your body move, let yourself be moved.

With love n magic,

Christa Fontaine | signing off

Christa xo

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