Sublimity November 2.0

Christa Fontaine | Sublimity Playlist - November 2018 2.0

In the amount of time that I have been creating Sublimity Playlists, this will be the first “second edition” within one month. I believe that music can save lives, and over the last 2 weeks of November, this collection of music has been my greatest ally. There are times in life where words don’t cut it, but rhythm, vibration, movement, music, and sound do. This is one of the ways that I show love, both to myself, and to you. May this playlist serve as a reminder that love is the only way through.

“Music allows us to meet in places we couldn’t get to any other way.”
-Anne Lamott

This Month’s Theme: This special addition’s theme is Vulnerability- A vulnerability that is based on the foundation of trust, rather than fear.

A Challenge For You: Download the playlist, turn your phone on airplane mode, and pretend it’s an iPod only. Walk. look, pay attention. See things and feel things that you haven’t before.

My Hope for You While Listening: Is that you can keep your heart open as you deepen, and lean into the more tender parts of your being.

I hope that you let it move you.

Please enjoy, share, and indulge freely and openly

From my heart to yours,

Christa Fontaine | signing off

Christa xx

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