Sublimity December

Christa Fontaine | Sublimity Playlist - December 2018

Music can match, raise, lower and shift your personal vibration- and I’m always so interested to notice how each playlist created can encompass a certain overall tone. My feels going into December are light and playful, easy going, and ready to love more! I’ll let you be the judge of if the list captures that, or not! So personal, and subjective, music can mean so much- to different people - moment to moment.

How the lists are created: I will start onto the new month’s list about halfway through the current month. So by about the second week into the month, I would have crushed the recent list, and be ready to start contributing to the next one. Music is on for me, just about always. I’ve gone through waves over the years, but I’m in a steady flow of grooves, and don’t see it changing anytime soon. Sometimes I’ll think the last list is so damn good, that there’s no way the next one will compare-

And I’m wrong every single time.

A song will literally ping me, and I’ll sling it right into the sublimity queue. I have as much fun making them, as I do listening and sharing them.

This months’ theme: The lists really create themselves. So as we go into the depths of winter here, inviting more presence and tuning in, this month’s theme is Intuition. You gotta listen, You gotta feel it. Slow down, eliminate distractions, and tune in. To the the music, to yourself - To the music within you.

Best paired with: Cooking dinner, entertaining a few friends, creating things that you’re passionate about, morning dance parties in your pajamas, having coffee, journalling, light moving meditations. (Pretty much my favourite things, always)

Why not consider: Sharing this playlist with the people that make your heart sing.

My hope for you while listening: Is that you can let the music guide you deeper into the present moment. Not to be used as a distraction, but as a way to tune in, focus, show up, be yourself. Trust your intuition, play with it more, feel into your own personal vibration.

Psst! This won’t be the last list in December. I’ve got an extra special treat for you!

Keep your eyes, ears, and heart open.

With love,

Christa Fontaine | signing off

Christa xo

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