Sarah Caspick

Christa is a divine healer and dare I say, miracle worker! I have always come out of a session with her feeling completely different than when I first walked in. Her knack for sensing what it is that my mind, body & spirit need on any given day ensures that I always leave her space feeling blissfully healed & whole. We haven't known each other long, but Christa is the kind of person you feel has been in your life forever; without you even having to speak a word she knows and understands your truth and is able to communicate it back to you with loving kindness. Through Christa's genuine guidance, intuitive body work & calming presence I have been able to learn so much about myself, to grow as a human, and to create space where I had once sealed the doors shut. I consider myself so blessed to know you both as friend and holistic health practitioner, and am so grateful that you are sharing your gifts with the world. Everyone needs some Christa Fontaine in their life!