Meg Cooke

To dance or to be danced✨
The difference is source

It can take some time to find rhythm, to move freely and to flow.
What a gift to share space with women who are open to explore self and sensuality through ecstatic dance.
At Evoke, the heat evolved with our expression. Energy shifted in and through as we moved into new patterns and rhythms that our body had not known before

There was no judgement, no care of what anyone else was doing. Instead, there was deep resonance in the way we felt one another move, catching glimpses of the beauty of our beings as individuals and a collective.

I was moved/ quite literally/ by the evening. There were moments and minutes when I was taken by source and the dance moved through me. I became a conduit for grace, flowing effortlessly. I was danced.

Personally, there are few spaces outside of my own home where I feel safe to move my body intuitively. Christa creates a container that permits self exploration and expression, and you are held and supported throughout.

EvokeEmily Johnson