Kayla Brazier

Christa is on another level.

I have struggled most of my life with depression, chronic pain, and various health issues. In just 2 sessions, Christa has already helped me to alleviate so much of my suffering, not only through her incredible intuitive body work, but by allowing me to express the truths within me that I didn't even know were there. At the risk of sounding too hippy-dippy, I can truly say that merely being in Christa's presence opens a channel in me to the divine and all that is authentic. She is a true healer. She has a gift. I recommend her services to anyone - whether you feel as though you have significant healing to do or just want to add a little extra sparkle to your life.

Thank you Christa for giving me a safe space in which to feel 100% myself, for knowing exactly what I need in any given moment, and for helping me to heal.