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Shawna Moxi

“After just one session with Christa I felt like a big weight had been lifted. I had been struggling with feeling stressed and disconnected from my happiness. She helped me realized my blocks in allowing myself to have joy. Her sheer presence is enough to inspire your soul to heal. Beautiful space. Beautiful soul. Thank you from the depths of my being for doing this work in the world!”

- Shawna Moxi

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Moana Paulus

“Amazing? Incredible? Awesome? Fantastic? Beautiful? There are no words sufficient enough to describe Christa's work and the effect she's had on my life! I feel honored to be graced by her presence and bathed in her energy. She is a rare being, a relentlessly-authentic, unabashedly-pure soul. Christa cuts right through the BS and gets to the heart of things immediately, in a caring and nurturing way that comes from life experience way beyond her years. She's young and dynamic, yet old and wise!

I appreciate how she goes rogue in order to stay true to herself. The fog lifts and the vision is clear!! If you're ready to shake things up so you can settle down, go see Christa!! Be prepared to never be the same again! I love you, Sis!!”

- Moana Paulus

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Emily Deslaurier

“Like a breath of fresh air and the comfort of coming home all at the same time. Christa immediately creates a warm, welcoming environment that makes you feel like you've always known her. Her expertise and passion for health and healing is obvious and extremely inspiring. After her treatment I felt lighter and more myself as though she removed blockages and tension that I could sense but couldn't quite express, wow. She knows, she's the real deal and it's beautifully freeing to experience her gift of healing. Can't wait for my next session!”

- Emily Deslaurier

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Kayla Brazier

“Christa is on another level.

I have struggled most of my life with depression, chronic pain, and various health issues. In just 2 sessions, Christa has already helped me to alleviate so much of my suffering, not only through her incredible intuitive body work, but by allowing me to express the truths within me that I didn't even know were there. At the risk of sounding too hippy-dippy, I can truly say that merely being in Christa's presence opens a channel in me to the divine and all that is authentic. She is a true healer. She has a gift. I recommend her services to anyone - whether you feel as though you have significant healing to do or just want to add a little extra sparkle to your life.

Thank you Christa for giving me a safe space in which to feel 100% myself, for knowing exactly what I need in any given moment, and for helping me to heal.”

- Kayla Brazier

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Leslie Lauer

“Christa is a very authentic, genuine lady who is not afraid to let her fiery light shine. She has led a very interesting life because of her spark and way of embracing passion. She is a great person to spend some time with to catch the wave and strengthen that spark of yours, too! Thanks Sista“

- Leslie Lauer

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Samantha Shrimpton

“Christa's mama energy allows for such a safe space to be held. The instant peace I feel in her presence and receiving her touch makes me feel at home. I fully trust her.”

- Samantha Shrimpton

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Erika Sloss

“Christa's energy is a warm and accepting embrace. Her mothering and nurturing nature puts me at ease and allows me to be open to receiving. She is on her path and her passion is infused into everything she does. Christa has a depth to her that invites you to explore deeper within yourself, while feeling like your supported in a safe space.”

- Erika Sloss

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Jen Craig-Evans

“From the moment I met Christa, I could immediately see she shone really bright. She is powerful in a 'get-shit-done' kind of way, and at the same time incredibly soft and gentle ~ holding the most incredible space for you to work through whatever your body is presenting. I will absolutely be going back for more of her sweet medicine and wholesome offerings.”

- Jen Craig-Evans

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Carmen Davies

“I had never had energy healing body work done in the past and was a bit unsure of what to expect at first. My experience with Christa far exceeded any expectations. She provided a safe and inviting space where I felt I could open up to her, she is quite witty! She is amazingly intuitive, her ability to reveal holding areas and blockages on a physical and more personal level was incredible. Her insight and guidance was intelligent and refreshing. She has a strong and nurturing touch, I felt in complete bliss from the treatment. I would highly recommend Christa's practice to anyone!”

- Carmen Davies

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Sarah Caspick

“Christa is a divine healer and dare I say, miracle worker! I have always come out of a session with her feeling completely different than when I first walked in. Her knack for sensing what it is that my mind, body & spirit need on any given day ensures that I always leave her space feeling blissfully healed & whole. We haven't known each other long, but Christa is the kind of person you feel has been in your life forever; without you even having to speak a word she knows and understands your truth and is able to communicate it back to you with loving kindness. Through Christa's genuine guidance, intuitive body work & calming presence I have been able to learn so much about myself, to grow as a human, and to create space where I had once sealed the doors shut. I consider myself so blessed to know you both as friend and holistic health practitioner, and am so grateful that you are sharing your gifts with the world. Everyone needs some Christa Fontaine in their life!”

- Sarah Caspick

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Caleigh Leighton

“Christa's healing abilities created and facilitated one of the most profound healing experiences I have ever had. She has been a force for real change and progress in my whole health and wellbeing. Grateful to Christa and in awe of her skills. I urge anyone in search of improved health and wellness to seek treatment with Christa.”

- Caleigh Leighton

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Cris Hipcris

“When I first met Christa a few months ago, something just clicked. A lot of things started to make sense after and I don't even have the words to truly express how I felt afterwards. The effects of spending time with her are still happening. I am so beyond happy to have experienced her work and look forward to seeing her again.”

- Cris Hipcris

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Matthew Rehmann

“I have never had a massage before and was surprised how much better I felt after seeing Christa. Before my visit I could not move my shoulders without them crunching and feeling sore and couldn’t believe the difference. Christa is professional and very talented and I will definitely be back!”

- Matthew Rehmann

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Marissa Boyce

“I wish there were even more stars for this true GEM of a person and healer. I have been working with Christa for almost a year now and the benefits to my life have been numerous. She is deep and intuitive, able to hold space for so much healing, and has helped me transform not only some trauma was carrying, but some beliefs I had about myself. Through the whole process Christa supported me in loving myself unconditionally and has guided me through many dark and joyful times. I am changed because of my work with her. I can't recommend her enough!”

- Marissa Boyce

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Alistair Marr-Paine

“I've really benefited from my sessions with Christa- she's got an electric touch! Her knowledge and application of acupressure was amazing, finding just the right points to release tension. I felt right at home as soon as we met thanks to her warm and caring demeanor. Will be back for sure!!”

- Alistair Marr-Paine

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Mark Williams

“Christa has a gift that can’t be taught at any school. It’s hard to describe with words. Intuitive, patient, kind, calming and able to give you something you may not know you needed or even existed. Wise is not a word I throw around easily, especially to someone of her youthful age. Wisdom is a beautiful mix of knowledge & experience and then humbly passing this on to other. Christa is wise beyond her years. You will not regret a visit with her beautiful soul!”

- Mark Williams

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Nicole Mclellan

“I went to Christa based on friends/ coworkers recommendations and after attending her inner elements workshop! Christa's work brought out all emotions- and she knew exactly what my body was storing. Her space is safe, comfortable and inviting and I can't wait to visit her on a regular basis”

- Nicole Mclellan

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Meg Cooke

“Christa is like a mirror, and the safest place all in one. It has been such a gift to connect with her - I can't say enough. The safety she creates and the support she offers are incredibly special, and the shifts I've felt since working with her have been profound. Thank you for sharing your touch and your heart.”

- Meg Cooke

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Avery Knechtel

“Christa is a beautiful practitioner that gave me a truly unique experience. I felt heard, and energetically cradled by her and the wonderful nest that is her warm, cozy office. I was very impressed by the whole session, she is clearly very skilled in the art of intuitive bodywork, and I would highly recommend her to anyone feeling like they need some energetic nurturing.”

- Avery Knechtel

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Sasha Ormiston

“This review is long overdue as I have been so impressed with Christa as a practitioner from the very first time I stepped into her office. Her skills as a bodyworker are exemplary and like non other I have worked with. I always feel heard by Christa because she is actively listening and so energetically aware of what her patients need for the best healing results. I always leave her office calmer, happier and feeling my best. I highly recommend her to anyone and I am so truly grateful to get to experience her amazing talent.”

- Sasha Ormiston

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