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Serena Gee

“I showed up to Golden Elixir without a clue of what I was in for. Through my bewilderment, Christa provided a container for magic to show up. The power in this is it's not something that is orchestrated. There is no plan, or strategy. This is truly about holding the space to allow your own magic to emerge and Christa is the biggest and most loving space holder I've ever met. I couldn't even begin to tell you what wisdom you might find in this experience,  but wisdom abound there shall be. The kind of wisdom that creeps in and suddenly blows you open as you realize that you've been it all along. You are the magic. Most beautifully is how through this experience you get to be a part of the growth of every other woman who's there along beside you. That is a truly sacred healing balm.”

- Serena Gee

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Riley Webster

Christa has a beautiful and seemingly-effortless way of holding space for you to be who you are. She helps you unravel your own layers to get to the core of your being. This process is often unnerving, but she stays with you and let’s you come to conclusions on your own, helping you make quantum leaps in your healing. I value Christa for her no-bull-shit authenticity and simple way of reminding you that it’s ok to be exactly who you are.

Her Golden Elixir series was a beautiful part of my month and led me to reveal my shadows and reacquaint myself with my layers that were begging to be expressed.

Thank you, Christa, for being a timely catalyst to my growth.

- Riley Webster

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