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Melissa Hawdbolt

"Evoke Movement Medicine is a soul nourishing experience. Christa creates a sacred container for us to be present in our bodies, to work through and express emotions through movement. Dancing alongside those women felt inspiring, freeing, primal, authentic and fun! I'm looking forward to the next one already."

- Melissa Hawdbolt

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EvokeEmily Johnson
Meg Cooke

“To dance or to be danced✨
The difference is source

It can take some time to find rhythm, to move freely and to flow.
What a gift to share space with women who are open to explore self and sensuality through ecstatic dance.
At Evoke, the heat evolved with our expression. Energy shifted in and through as we moved into new patterns and rhythms that our body had not known before

There was no judgement, no care of what anyone else was doing. Instead, there was deep resonance in the way we felt one another move, catching glimpses of the beauty of our beings as individuals and a collective.

I was moved/ quite literally/ by the evening. There were moments and minutes when I was taken by source and the dance moved through me. I became a conduit for grace, flowing effortlessly. I was danced.

Personally, there are few spaces outside of my own home where I feel safe to move my body intuitively. Christa creates a container that permits self exploration and expression, and you are held and supported throughout.”

- Meg Cooke

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EvokeEmily Johnson
Julia Menard

"I recently went to a dance offering Christa Fontaine put on.  This is what I wrote when I came home from the experience: "Tonight, my heart starting beating again... My fire is re-ignited from within.."  Christa creates a safe space in which to allow a body to move and groove and heal in its own way, under its own leadership. Christa is a master in clearing those nasty voices in our heads that want to stop our bodies from flourishing.  It was easy to step into the body-positive space Christa created an looking forward to more!"

- Julia Menard

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EvokeEmily Johnson
Serena Gee

“Christa lead us through a journey of movement that I will not soon forget. The range of emotions I experienced in my body while we danced was powerful, transformative, and at times surprising.

There was this climate of power in the room as all of the women in attendance moved and flowed separately and together. I really felt like I was a part of something bigger than myself. A part of a sisterhood. One of my favourite parts was all of the women coming together and sharing our experiences at the end.

Christa was able to lead us out of our shells of our own limitations effortlessly and gently, almost so you didn’t really realize it was happening. Suddenly you were free and flowing. It was really really beautiful and I can’t wait to come back to the next workshop.”

- Serena Gee

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EvokeEmily Johnson