Meg Cooke

I have referred to Christa as a mirror and the safest space all in one - that continues to be true. The work that I have done with Christa's support is immeasurable. Truths I was holding that I had never accessed with another human were brought to the surface and moved. I do not believe I would have arrived yet at the space in myself where I am had I not have connected with this beautiful human.

I value self inquiry and have worked with many folks in different therapeutic capacities - the combination of narrative exploration and energy work Christa has facilitated for me has been nothing short of life changing. This woman is magic, you know it from the first hug - I did, anyways.

11/10 recommend Christa if you are contemplating diving in and you aren't afraid of the depths of your own greatness. It takes someone who knows their own truth to support you to yours - Christa is that person.