Queen Sasha Ormiston


Episode 06

Today in the Queendom we’re diving in with Sasha Ormiston - my friend, colleague, and acupuncturist.


Tune in, Rise up, and Enjoy the flow!

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“[Acupuncture]’s a medicine that you don’t have to come in with ailments to see incredible shifts. We work to move things to an even better state of wellness and being, and give you the tools that you need to really grow. Little quotes and little tidbits that you can take, and you’re going through your day and something comes up that normally would have been really reactive to you, or negative to you, and all of a sudden you have this one little tool that’s like, ‘Ok let’s look at this. Let’s make a reasonable decision about why this is coming up, and kind of go from there.’ You have this space to grow as a person hugely, compared to just living in this negative-unwell to balanced baseline.“

“Feeling heard is a game changer”

Ground Covered

  • Our magical meeting and how the clinic she created was everything I was looking for

  • Sasha’s passion behind creating a space to offer nurturance and growth for new holistic health practitioners

  • What makes the Cook St office and practice so special

  • The things that come easefully to us are our greatest gifts

  • Sasha’s first experience with acupuncture, and why it was a game changer

  • After 8 years in practice, She now feels as though she has found her true self as a practitioner

  • Letting go of “expectations” of what being an acupuncturist has to be, and look like

  • The evolution of entrepreneurship and personal practice

  • Attracting ideal clients from a place of heart centred clarity

  • Not getting lost in comparison and competition

  • My personal healing journey with Sasha and acupuncture

  • What we need is what we give to give to others

  • The value of continuing treatments for general maintenance

  • The capacity to dive deeper through receiving ongoing support from others

  • Broken - Ok < Playground to Next Level

  • The importance of being flexible and adaptable in this life

  • Our health in comparison to a tree

  • The little things can make the biggest difference!

  • “Community” meaning being lifted through, with, and by other people

  • The power of saying NO - especially as women

  • Coming into the Summer - Fire Season - according to 5 elements in TCM

  • JOY! Ditch the shoulds and dive into what makes you really happy!

  • Being cautious of the burn out

  • Nurturing your body and being present with it - being in it for the joy of summer!

Emily Johnson