Queen Nikita Paddock


Episode 04

Tune in and Rise Up

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“By allowing things to happen, sometimes the feeling comes from where we don’t think it’s going to come. And being grateful for when the feeling is there and doesn’t necessarily fit into a role I think is becoming more prominent in my life”

“If you can’t be yourself in a role, you can’t really be fulfilled.”

“I believe that every word that comes from somebody else is a gift”

“The idea of having conversation and fully taking in what the other person has to say is I think the biggest gift we have and that’s the way we acquire wisdom - by really thinking about it and integrating it. And by connecting with other people we are given this opportunity to learn and by taking up that time with our own thoughts is a disservice really to ourselves and to the people we’ll be speaking to in the future. So I think we have stuff to learn from each person that we are with and that's really all.”

“I can’t teach unless I listen”

“If we get too detailed about our goals and we say ‘this is exactly how I want them to play out and this is what I’m going to do to prepare,’ likely that will happen and likely we will prepare that way and things will happen that way if we control them. But the magic can only go so far. If we control every moment of our lives and every conversation and every step, we can only allow so much to happen because we will have pre prepared it.”

“But if we prepare in kind of a general way and we say ‘I have this intention for this to be loving and caring and compassionate’ and we sort of leave the rest I think more magic can unravel than we could have comprehended thinking about it ahead of time. “

“In detaching from certain situations, especially when it involves family, you have to have a caring intention and to remind yourself that you still care about that person but you're allowed to not be attached to the way they're feeling and the way they're living and that they can still feel your caring they can still feel your love if you send it to them. You don't have to completely not attach and just forget about them.”

“By really getting to know yourself as a child you can begin to heal yourself even when you don’t think you need healing.”

“I think curiosity is a big part of compassion”

“I think by putting yourself on each day you know that days will ebb and flow you will not wake up every morning feeling the most vibrant and amazing but that's just humanity and as humans we have suffering but that's where we learn. And if we can be resilient and we can still face ourselves with compassion and show that to the world, I think that's what people need.”

Ground Covered

  • Finding fulfillment where you don’t expect it

  • Role confusion when you can’t be who you really are in your career

  • The lost art of active listening

  • Planting seeds of intention

  • The limitations of the English language and the infinite bounty of feelings, experiences, and spaciousness possible through Spirit

  • Moving away from safety in favour of self-actualization

  • Not attaching and still showing you care (detach does not equate to discard)

  • Healing your childhood to become a better person to serve the world in a better way

  • Checking in and connecting with your inner child as a form of self care

Emily Johnson