Queen Marissa Boyce


Kicking the Queendom off in true high style with one of my nearest and dearest, Marissa Boyce. We cover hot topics like discovering the true meaning of self love, living and rising through hardships, discovering who we are on our own terms, learning to love our bodies, and becoming more of who we are - unapologetically.

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“… it’s a limiting belief that a woman would have  - that we somehow need to be somebody else in order to lead.”

“When we ask and move to adjust ourselves slightly then I don’t think that that place shares ground with queenville”

“Why can’t we be in need of support and be vulnerable and also be badass leaders and healers and champions for each other?”

“Everything I’m going through is somehow for me to help others”

“What does it all mean if I’m not constantly living in a place of pain and medication.”

“I am loveable as I am.”

“Actually there’s nothing wrong with me and there never has been anything wrong with me. I am not broken. I do not need to be fixed. I don’t have a disease.”

“I had this belief that I was only loveable if I was a certain way or if someone said I was loveable or if someone said I was beautiful or if somebody said I was valuable.”

“Fuck that. I’m going to love myself on my own terms.”

“It’s so important when asking for what you want to be willing to take actionable steps to get there.”

“Who am I sexually, as a woman if I’m not being approved of by a man.” 

“Do I love my body if there isn’t a man telling that my body’s beautiful?”

“I just took off my playsuit and I stood in front of the mirror naked and I just looked at myself and I said ‘You know, it’s you and me, and I’m going to learn to love you better and harder and more compassionately and viscously, more than I ever have before.’ And I promised to have patience and softness towards myself.”

“When we are expressing ourselves creatively and are given full permission to be ourselves, absolutely, that’s when our greatest beauty and gifts are going to be at the forefront and they’re going to make an impact on other people which offers them permission 

“What would someone who loves themselves do in this situation?”

“Over time I realized I was building a relationship with myself. That’s how I was loving myself.”

Ground Covered

  • Limiting beliefs around leadership and being a woman

  • Needing and accepting support while still being badass women

  • Not fitting in boxes

  • Marissa talks about offering what she learns through her healing to others

  • The shared significance of the month of April

  • Shifting into the awakened woman

  • Drugs & alcohol & getting sober

  • On Leaving AA

  • Why seeking your worth from outside of yourself doesn’t work

  • Rebelling against what people have told you you need to be in order to be loved

  • How to get self worth from yourself

  • Body image and learning to love yourself 

  • Turning painful experiences into gold

  • What “self love” really means and how to build self worth

Emily Johnson