You know that you’re meant to be living a much more meaningful and empowered life.

You’re ready to live more authentically. Have more clarity. Be more, and do less.

You have a deep yearning to be seen, heard, witnessed.

To be held, to take up space, and feel easefully worthy.

This is your call to rise.



No one crown fits all,

but there is a commonality in what kind of support is required in being truly exalted while stepping up and into your power. What I know about myself, and the results that are possible through our supportive relationship, is that it requires an all in mentality. There is a certain balance of energetic space holding, deep diving, coasting, check ins, re jigging, and accountability within a co-created time and space container.

Together we will map out the tools that are already at your disposal, take stock of your resources, and get you in the flow of where you want to be.

The process is a multi layered, multi faceted, living and breathing beautiful beast. There is no one access point - there are several. Each phase of your life is as valid and valuable as the previous and the next, and how you approach each one is up to you entirely.

Revisiting the same patterns over and over again can be frustrating, and have you feeling a sense of overwhelm and defeat. The power lies in the ability to fully feel and move through something completely, in order to get to the other side of it It will continue to show up in a myriad of ways until you’ve genuinely had enough. Only you know, and can be the judge of when enough is enough.

You get to create your edges, your boundaries, your limits. You also get to re-create, reverse, and rebuild them. There is no right way, or wrong way. There is only your way.

Each mentorship starts on the first of the month.





  • 1 Deep Dive Session
    (On Zoom/In Person)

  • Detailed email recap of our dive
    including highlights, low lights, recalls of resistance, breakthroughs, and workable homework to implement into your upgraded lifestyle.

  • 1 Debrief session
    to unpack, re- align, and level up

  • In between session support
    via text/email/voice messaging is available during the week

  • 1 Month access to the Queendom Lounge
    A collective space for past & present Queens (Women who have worked with me) to offer and receive support, ask questions, and show up for one another.

If you’re ready, I’m ready too.


Working with me is a month-to-month commitment of $500.

At the end of our work together, you may choose to continue month-to-month and/or join the Queendom Lounge - a collective space for past & present Queens to offer and receive support, ask questions, and show up for one another.