Self Conscious Vs. Self Conscious

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One meaning, the most commonly used one, is understood as being nervous, embarrassed, or overly aware of potential observations from other people, typically in a social or public setting.

Self conscious can be used as a blanket term, or related specifically to a certain thing, part of self, action, in certain environments.

Self consciousness can just about pertain to anything at all, specific to the person. It may last a phase of time, only be activated around certain people, or be a constant theme throughout one’s entire life.

No one is born this type of self conscious, it is learnt. It is demonstrated. It is developed. It feels unsafe and scary, and takes up a lot of energy to be self conscious.

The other meaning of self conscious speaks to having a high awareness surrounding all things relative to self.

It involves acceptance, curiosity, respect and love, the willingness to notice, and be noticed for exactly who you are in every moment.

You can even use the first meaning of self conscious as fuel, making for a great starting point for your journey towards becoming more self conscious. You can start asking questions about why you may feel a certain discomfort around certain parts of yourself, around certain people, certain situations and then have the willingness to find out why.

Without judgement. Without fear of what may be revealed. Without consequence.

Once you build upon this consciousness of self, you also get to explore and embody more of who you are - because there is safety, and comfort, and lack of apology because you are supported and aware. This means doing more of what you love, and feeling really good about the skin you're in, and the life that you're living.

And the most magic part of all is:

When you show up and take up space genuinely, as the authentic and perfectly imperfect human that you you are, not only is there far less room for you to feel fear of being embarrassed, being judged, or not belonging…

But you also give permission for other people to do the same thing.
Just by you, being truly you. You inspire others to rise in their self consciousness, too.

You contribute to the rising of the collective consciousness.

So, which one are you?

Emily Johnson2019