Reverse Identity Crisis

“When it’s right it’s right. And there’s nothing more right, than being yourself.” Christa Fontaine | Integrated Alchemist + Wellness Mentor

“When it’s right it’s right. And there’s nothing more right, than being yourself.”
- C.F

It's been one little month today since I made the big shift into my own name, launched a new website, and underwent an entire branding overhaul. It all happened pretty fast, and although not much else has shifted in my day to day life, I can’t help but feel like energetically, everything is different.

“Can you believe it’s only really been a month?” Friend

“Um, No. Definitely not!” Me

“Do you miss it? Flourish, and the rest of it?” Friend

“Sorry, What? What do you mean? OH! Right. My “Old” Business name and all that..Nope!” Me

Making the leap (and I’ll say leap because that’s exactly what it felt like) to shift into my name and start putting the magic right in front of me and you, rather than only making it available and accessible by a secret hidden door, has been the greatest “Career” move I have ever made.  

The truth is, I was holding my magic, getting to know her more intimately, gaining experience, doing my own healing, and preparing for the next phase.

I wasn’t quite ready yet - But I am now.

In this last month, I have cut ties with ways of being that didn't make sense to me, and I have broken up with the resistance that was keeping me from playing bigger and brighter.

I’ve stopped looking outside of myself for answers- and expecting them to be shown to me, rather than creating them for myself.

I’ve raised my prices, and am learning how to own my worth.

I am respectful of my boundaries, and have been flexing my self love muscle more than ever before.

I have learnt how to harness my gifts, and am navigating how to share them accordingly.

I am stepping fully into my power, and creating the life I want and deserve.

I am helping and supporting others to find, own, and revel in their magic too.

Leaning more into who you truly are, and becoming more of yourself is a journey, and will certainly involve all the things.

But maybe, (probably, definitely) will be the greatest gift you will ever receive, and allow yourself to experience in this lifetime.

Or maybe, you just need a new website ;)

(and if that’s the case - Holla at my gals @burnetteandco !)


Christa xx