Chatting with Supernova Sally


I’m a huge fan of transparency because I believe that we can learn and grow from, and with, each other by sharing our personal experiences.”
- C.F

I used to be baffled by the immensely powerful women I would “seemingly attract” to work with.

It was almost disbelief at first. I still remember when I started noticing the caliber of women that had an uncanny capacity to transform and evolve. How was it that they’re seriously all so amazing?!

I’ve replaced my baffledness with honour, and a deep sense of knowing that I am absolutely where I’m meant to be, doing what I’m meant to be doing, and working with the people I’m meant to be working with.

I now understand my role, in relation to others, and the co-creation of magic that we’ve set out to do together. It’s not just a fluke and it’s not basic strategy. It’s a responsibility. It’s on purpose. It’s soulfully selected.

In this Podcast Style Interview (Amateur at best, but full of whole-hearted realness) I chat with Sal about her experience of the last 6 months in our working relationship together.

We cover questions/topics like:

  • Why she initially reached out to work with me, and what she expected out of working together

  • How she first started noticing the shifts, and how they showed up

  • Times of defeat, challenges, and learning curves

  • The type of people that would be unsuited to work with me

  • Benefits (Requisite) of a committed, long lasting, and engaging working relationship

  • How Sal would describe me, and our work together to a stranger

  • Metaphors Galore!

Sally is captivatingly engaging, and a full sensory experience. I dare you not to be inspired while listening to her, and highly recommend becoming her friend :)  

With Love,