A bit about me, and a bit about you

I didn’t take a course on how to dim or alter my light in the web space, did you?  | A bit about me, and a bit about you  - Christa Fontaine The Integrated Alchemist

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I’m never really sure what peoples thoughts or perspectives are of me are usually until we’re already connected, and/or in the middle of an embrace,

Usually by the time we get in touch irl (or even in the dms!) it seems to be as though you’ve been orbiting around me for awhile. I like that, and I really appreciate it. I’ll hear things like,

“Wow, You’re a lot like you seem in the squares.”
(Not a direct quote, but that’s the vibe)

Heck yes I am, isn’t that the whole point?!

I didn’t take a course on how to dim or alter my light in the web space, did you?

How did being authentic become so damn convoluted?

Probably the whole comparison thing, Oof.

You’ve gotta watch for a min, right? Get a more fulsome scoop.

What is this chick actually up to? What is she saying? What does she offer?

I totally get it. But if you’re reading along and you’re like, I don’t know what it is about her, but I feel like I know her, or should know her, then get at me!

Chances are, I have been waiting to meet you too.

I find it so interesting that the way more and more of us develop relationships and connections these days are through the palms of our hands. We can be so loving and attentive, intrigued and digging for more, and just as easily be distracted, judgemental, and dismissive.

Amazing how we’re all at each others finger tips, don’t you think?

Well, I just wanted to welcome you into my space, for real. I’m glad that I’m in your hand, or making contact with you right now. It feels really nice. I’d love to get to know you, find out more about you, understand the things that make you feel alive, and learn about the things that make you go “mmm”.

What makes up a dark day for you? When do you feel scared? What’s your relationship with your body like? I’ll be honest, always. I’m direct, and more often than not, pretty intense. But like, in the most loving, kind of hilarious, and really safe way. I genuinely want to know about you, and I’ve got the capacity to hold it down for you while you process any and all of the discomfort of what may surface. It’s what I do, and It’s who I am.

How bout you?


Christa xx