I can’t remember exactly where, when, or how I realized that I lived in my heart, rather than in my head, body, or anywhere else for that matter. But I came to know this truth, after having embodied it for so long without being able to articulate it.

Besides the common saying “Home is where the heart is” I’ve come to realize that this is not a widely known, or well practiced statement.

I was in a yoga class recently, and as we were entering some final heart opening poses, the yoga teacher encouraged us to really go for it, because now was the only time and space we were truly safe to open our hearts, and that as soon as we would go back outside, we would return to protecting it. This made me feel so sad, because for most people, it’s true. The heart is the place that the rest of the body has built up protective layers around, out of a fearful respect, I suppose. A coping mechanism. A learnt behaviour.

One of the things about our hearts is that they speak so softly, sometimes so much so, that it becomes a non detectable whisper.

It’s easy to understand why our hearts don’t get much air time in our loud and busy world, so full of distractions!

Now here is my truth: My life is led by my heart.

I’m not tooting my own heart horn when I say this, I’m just laying down the facts as they are. It’s not always favourable, or easy, or sensible, but it’s just the way that my heart shaped cookie crumbles. My heart has taken the helm almost so much so, that she even has to ask the mind to pipe in from time to time.

“Psst. Heart to Mind, Heart to Mind, This is Heart speaking. Is anybody up there?”

“Oh well hello there, Heart. To what do I owe this grand pleasure?”

“I’m havin’ a bit of a doozy on this one. Christa loves to get us into all sorts of situations, you know how she is. Can you offer up some tips?”

“You got it boss. I’m on it”

And that’s how we play.

It has taken some dear time for me to decode and navigate my heart centered ways. It’s a communication unlike any other. Together, we engage in an intricately intimate dance; One that has us exploring an infinite realm of feeling and sensing. And now that I have become fluent in heart SPEAK, I am able to detect and recognize the impact on the hearts of those around me, and with whom I am working with.

The heart speaks a language so beautifully unique. It is lived and experienced, and during the beginning stages of the heart’s relationship with mind and body, it can sound a little bit like this:

“I feel so much activity in my chest. It’s warm, and cool, and tingly, and then it hurts a lot. I have to hold it, it feels better. I think my heart is trying to talk to me. I have never felt so much. It feels so big and overwhelming, but I think it’s what I’m meant to feel. I have such a deep sense of gratitude, and compassion but I don’t even know what it’s about. I’ve never felt this way before. I feel so awake and aware in my body all of a sudden. What is happening to me?”

It can seem like A LOT. I know. And, yes, it is. But you are safe my love. You were born for this.

Our work? It’s working. Your heart? It’s opening.

So Hearts, Beware. I’m coming for you, and I’m speaking your language.

With Love,