Your Moon Sign Matters


Episode 07

Queendom Rising took a back seat & I got v real with myself about what I wanted and how to move forward. Candid, truthful, funny (sometimes), giving myself full permission to be who and what I am in this very moment, and I hope doing the same for you.

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“When a woman finds out her moon sign, she takes up space differently.”

“Learning more about the way we operate innately is crucial to living a really happy life”

“When we’re relating to anyone or learning about anyone may it direct you to your self. Let it come back and be relevant to you - or not - but you get to choose if you’re going to take that information on board or not by your own internal processing metric unit system.”

“Allow yourself to have realizations and then give them the time and space to put them into action. And then, if it doesn’t end up being the thing, be cool with that. Be cool with the fact that your realization didn’t become this thing that you thought it needed to become.”

“It’s not what comes with the unknown and the change and the growth. It’s what we will inevitably have to let go of. That’s what we’re holding onto.”

Ground Covered

  • The ways I’ve been expressing creatively and the different angles, voices & deliveries it requires

  • Actively avoiding my moon sign for the majority of my life and the pain that the disconnect caused me up until this point in my life

  • The importance of learning more about the way we operate innately so we can live a really happy life

  • How the things we’ve dismissed as being boring might actually be things that we need in order to be really truly happy

  • Knowing and being in your truth

  • Creating for the sake of creating and not being discouraged when it doesn’t “amount to anything” (as measured by by external standards)

  • Welcoming people into your life who can explore and support your exploration of the depths of the human experience and not worrying about the the ones who will undoubtedly have to fall away

  • Fearing the unknown and change and in some ways, success

Emily Johnson