Truth As Art


Episode 08

Exploring our unique creativity, owning our individual process and how to fend off the distraction of comparison, and returning to your truth. Telling the truth is a radical thing these days. But it’s our greatest power and responsibility. Tell the truth. Share your art.

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“As long as I stay true to myself and to what feels most natural to me then the people that need to hear this will.”

“All you really need to do is tell the truth”

“We’ve placed more emphasis and value on what other peoples interpretations are of truth that we’ve lost contact with our own.”

“Truth is so deeply embedded in you. It is the most easeful and accessible quality.”

“The truth will always welcome you unconditionally back.”

“The need to belong has trumped the courage to be truthful.”

“Know your worth. Share your truth. Express your art.”

Ground Covered

  • What my medicine is and where it comes from

  • Exploring the expansive quality of truth as art

  • Be willing to identify your truth and commit to it.

  • Suffocating our own truth to conform with how we see other people doing things.

  • The constant evolution of truth

  • Where we’re getting our inspiring content from

  • Having the willingness to make changes if you realize your truth looks a lot different than the life you’re currently living.

  • The number one regret that people have at the end of their life.

  • Taking risks for the sake of your truth

Emily Johnson