Queen Nicole McLellan


Episode 05

Joining us in the Queendom today is human connector and inspiration magnet, Nicole Mcllelan! 


Join us for a wave of fire as we discuss a wide range of topics.

Tune in, Rise up, and Enjoy the flow!

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“We’re more afraid of what we can accomplish than what we can’t. That’s where the fear comes from - our potential”

“I feel like my purpose is to constantly popcorn ideas for other people”

“I’ve got so many ideas that aren’t mine - I’m not meant to live them but I can see people’s potential and I can feel it.”

“How can we give people credit for the things they’re inherently doing”

“I don’t think there’s anyone that wouldn’t work hard and put more of themselves into something when they felt like they were being appreciated for their most natural talents and gifts.”

Ground Covered

  • Trusting the timing

  • Looking at what you have within reach rather than what you can get more of from outside your reach

  • Getting rid of the fear of saying “I don’t have anything different to offer”

  • Labelling because of fear

  • The insane minds

  • Entering a new age, swinging the pendulum, and trying to find balance between the masculine and feminine powers

  • Raising conscious children

  • Wonderings about how many people are here doing what they’re meant to be doing

  • The power of words of affirmation

  • Being a mother without having children through the power of love

Emily Johnson