Full Moon, Eclipse, and Retrograde...Oh My!


Episode 09

A personal account of feels, reflections and thoughts on this cosmically charged AF day.

Listen to the episode here:


“Even though we say we know that “normal is boring,” it’s like, if normal means belonging then I guess I’ll be there.”

“We all know that the bandaid needs to come off eventually, but the way that we do it varies.”

“The mad ones are the curious ones. And the curious ones are the artistic ones. And the artistic ones are the misunderstood ones. And so it goes.”

Ground Covered

  • The more that we can allow ourselves and go forth, trusting that the the way we’re feeling guided and propelled then the more art and more love and joy is available.

  • The collective programming: is doesn’t feel like something that’s been taught or approved of or encouraged

  • Feeling the grit and the stickiness when you start the process of getting unstuck

  • Being transparent in the messy, intuitive, creative process

  • Sharing my very real, candid, thoughts and feelings to inspire you and help you identify your art and what wants to be moved through you and see all the ways that you maybe have felt that you’ve suppress some of your greatest gifts trying to save other people

  • Finding our tools and using them so we can express ourselves artistically and freely and feel more ease

  • Remembering ourselves back to our full spiritual selves

Emily Johnson