Queen Casey May


Episode 02 is a most delectable conversation with my dear old friend Casey from the time I lived in Wellington, NZ. @caseymayyyy

We catch up like old friends who haven't spoken in 7 years to talk about our recent journey on the sober path, integrating our shadow self with our higher self, and Casey takes us on a ride through her awakening on a recent trip to Japan.

And it all gets topped off with a song!

Tune in and Rise Up

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“The only difference between a weed and a flower is judgement.”

“I think it’s so important for us to set ourselves up in these ways no matter how bougie or silly or maybe people don’t get it but you do it for you and you just rock it.”

“It’s the small things that make the everything”

“You really are the creator of your own destiny”

“I think it’s so important for us, especially as women, to regain or strengthen or maybe even claim for the first time our own sovereignty and understanding of self in a way that wasn’t just something we learned when we grew up about ‘this is how we are and this is how we operate in the world’ but to actually have the space and take that time so that you’re actually filling your own self love cup and that it gets to a point where it starts to overflow and then you’re really ready to share the abundance.”

“We really toss the dice there by putting another fill in our cup and trusting that that will alter our personality or our comfortability in our environment. And that’s a Russian roulette that I just don’t want to take the risk on anymore.”

“Can I trust myself enough that I can navigate this social setting and be able to check in and find out if I’m having a good time or not.”

“There are so many magical things in life that you can just get and gain and receive and have and you’d never be able to experience them when you’re intoxicated.” 

“Why would you want to miss out on all the amazing things that are around you and dull your senses and not be able to enjoy things authentically?”

“When we align with the choices that will really raise our vibration we really call in the support that we need.” 

“You’re not going to set up to be knocked down when you’re in the pursuit of doing more of what you love and leaning more into your authentic self. You will be lifted.” 

“When you do things with light and love I feel like you can receive things in ways that you just can’t even imagine.”

Ground Covered

  • Doing things and enjoying them just because you they make you feel good

  • Being the creator of your own destiny

  • Attracting from places of ownership

  • Breaking the ancient belief that alcohol is a medicine and not a poison

  • Casey’s spiritual awakening in Japan

  • Bringing the shadow self into the present and integrating it

  • Casey sings!

Emily Johnson