Evocative Storyteller & Speaker.

Truth Provoker, Permission Granter & Perspective Shifter.

Revolutionizing what it means to unlearn, uplevel, and take up space.


Hi I’m Christa, also known as

The Madame

I am a heart centered rebel, offering radical self realization and healing experiences to those who aren’t afraid of the depths of their own greatness.

Self-declared “Ruler of My Own Queendom,” I am ruthless in my no-bullshit pursuit of genuine authenticity. In the most loving and nurturing way, I call it like I see it and pull from my own experience - both from this lifetime and beyond - to uplift and support you along your journey of remembering yourself back home to wholeness.

I embody both the wild and the soft of femininity, and hold the capacity to facilitate big, and profoundly deserving transformative spaces that allow you to reconnect and reclaim your own super powers.

Drawing from my infinite source of wisdom, both boundless & deeply rooted in universal truth, I speak a language that is felt and interpreted on a soul level - creating an impact beyond the confines of space/time.

I am a natural leader, bringing forth the heart and soul back into the way that we approach living our lives on purpose.



Mystic’s Mama & A Mystic Mama

Astro: Scorpio Sun - Pisces Rising - Capricorn Moon

Numerology: Life Path Number 22 (Master Builder)

Human Design: Generator, 6/2

Myers Briggs: ENFP

A wise and social butterfly, I’ve traveled far and wide - and deep inside - to discover who I am, and in which ways that can relate to, and elevate you. A story of trials, tribulations; great freedom and reward, here’s my story up until now.

(And as a Scorpio who loves a bit of mystery, this is kind of a big deal for me. But if you want to know, I want you to know.)