Christa Fontaine | Integrated Alchemist and Wellness Mentor

Hi! I’m Christa Fontaine

I’m a heart centered radical, who inspires/ creates/ and heals from the soul level.

I’ve got an overflowing source of love and magic, and am currently living out my truth by sharing it the best way I know how. I offer transparent, honest, and radical healing experiences for creatives/seekers/healers/change makers so that they may transform their self limiting patterns and surpass blockages- rising up in self, body, love, and life.



Signature Sessions

Intuitively and skillfully co-created healing experiences that are transformative and deeply inspiring, leaving you unapologetically empowered..

Magic Mirror Sessions

Energetically uplifting, emotionally supportive, and truth provoking guidance to help with navigating through life's tricky times.

Season of Becoming

A 3 month immersion for the “too much” woman who is ready to fully step into her power, embrace her infinite light, and remember herself back home.

Golden Elixir
Group Program

A 3 month online group program for women who are ready to uplevel and transform with ease and flow


 Musings from the Heart


Tip toe in, walk in, dance in, dive in.

However you want to, and however you need to.

Because not going in, is going without. 


Sublimity Playlists

A monthly treat from me to you


Ready to commit to change but not sure where to start?

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